Seriously Cute: AKB48 Team 8 in Manila (12.04.2016)

Better late than never!

December 4, 2016, AKB48's Team 8 visited the Manila, Philippines in Market Market, Taguig.  The visit is in honour of the 60th Philippine-Japan Friendship Anniversary. 

Not one to miss an opportunity like this, I of course went.  

60th Philippine-Japan Friendship Anniversary
AKB48 and MNL48
As I have said on this post, MNL48 is coming.  However, I can't say at what its exact date is.  The latest piece of news released though is that they are now partnered with local television station, ABS-CBN.  So, we might actually get some kind of reality television show out of this. I suspect that they might televise the audition.  

Going back to the event, this event is not only to promote the friendship between two countries.  This is more MNL48 promotion.  

Beyond the Trailer: La La Land (2016)

La La Land Poster (2017)
In honour of Valentines being just around the corner, I decided to blog about the first romance movie I have seen for the year 2017.

The moment I saw the trailer, I knew this was something I couldn't miss as I am a fan of old Fred Astaire movies.  This movie didn't at all disappoint.   

For those unfamiliar with Fred Astaire, you can start by watching "The Band Wagon" or if you are an Audrey Hepburn fan, you can watch "Funny Face." While not an Astaire film, I also recommend Gene Kelly's "Singing in the Rain."

Writing this review will probably just parrot what a lot of people have already said about it, but I can't help but want to pursue it anyway to show my appreciation for the writing and work done.

Before going to the theatre, I basically already knew what to expect.  I knew there would be singing and random dancing  but with a story that made those old movies survive the test of time.

After watching it, it is probably safe to say that this is probably one of the best romance movies that I have seen in a very long while.  It was lighthearted at the right time but it also knew when to take itself seriously.

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