Between the Pages: School of Good and Evil #2 by Soman Chainani

The School for Good and Evil:
A World Without Princes
After reading the first book, I felt obligated at first to read the second book of this series. It became less of an obligation the deeper I got into the story.

As usual, the art is beautiful. Not surprising since it was done by Iacopo Bruno, the same artist from the first book. The plot is also a lot more thrilling for me than the last book. In this book, Chainani is really tearing down the stereotypes.

This book, I think is not only a satire of fairy tales but also the feminism that takes things to the extremes. I never thought it would be something tackled in a book about fairy tales.

While I consider myself a feminist, I do understand that there are some that takes it to the extreme.

I still like pretty dresses, make up and high heels but most people believe that being a feminist is about doing without embracing one's femininity. I believe feminism is about being free to express themselves however they want whether it is in their masculinity or femininity. It is about equality and believing we can be heroes ourselves.

I love this book because it somehow managed to give a silhouette of real life issues without being obvious and deviating from the story. It made made things relatable to females and interesting to guys. I have a younger brother who enjoyed this series about as much as I do.

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