Write A Dream: Create Your Fairy Tale

Hello, beautiful people! To celebrate the 13 years I spent as a blogger, I decided to hold my first ever competition. If you have read my any of my blogs, you'd know how much I love fairy tales, myths, legends and the fantasy genre. I read books, watch movies and write about them. This time, I would like to read from YOU.

A lot of us probably grew up reading fairy tales. Maybe you read them in school, or fell in love with a Disney movie, or watched a play or performance as a child. And as adults fall in love with them all over again because of movies such as Maleficent, television series such as Once Upon a Time or books such as Gaiman's Coraline. These inspiration still lives on today.

Now, it is your turn. The contest is easy. You create your own original character and story. It can be inspired by a fairy tale, a re-telling or a sequel. If you go with a sequel, I warn you that I am not very fond of sequels though, so you have to make it really good.

The contest starts June 20, 2016, Monday and it ends August 22, 2016, Monday. This means that you have two months to write your entries.

  • One entry per person. I emphasize the one person rule. Individuals who submit stories through multiple accounts will be disqualified. 
  • It must be of the Fantasy/Fairy Tale genre.
  • The format can be in a form of a novel or short story. 
  • Can be in either first person, second person or third person point of view. 
  • I am not so strict with grammar, I am aware I have my faults as well but please don't make my head hurt too much either. 
  • Keep in mind the deadline, June 20, 2016, Monday and it ends August 22, Monday. 
  • Don't over-do the explicit content and absolutely no indecent and harmful content. 
  • Send your entries to this email: michi.dums@gmail.com with the subject: Write A Dream and your name. You can send me the file or if you want to post it in your own blog, send me the link. 

Depending on how many entries I get, there will be two major prizes and one consolation prize. I will be collaborating with two talented artists for the prizes. Sukizuki Izuna and my beloved, Iris Giberson whom I've collaborated since the very beginning of my blog. No introduction is necessary. Most of you probably clicked on my blog because her art is so cute. 

Newcomer Izuna is a talented self-taught artist. Samples of her work can be found here

Overall winner: It will be decided by me and the artist, Sukizuki Izuna. It should be a story that both of us agree on. She will be making an anime-style, colored, full-body illustration of the winner's character. A good tip here is to write a character to inspire an artist and capture a reader.

Blogger's Choice: This is self-explanatory. This is the story of my choice. The prize will be a full-body sketch (No color) of the winner's character made by Sukizuki Izuna.

Consolation: As I said earlier, depending on the number of entries I will choose one consolation prize and this will be drawn by, Iris. She will draw the winner's character.

  • Lastly, have fun! 
  • Inspire! 
  • Create! 
  • Let your imagination go wild! Imagination isn't something to be ashamed of --- it is something to celebrate. 


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