Write A Dream: Create Your Fairy Tale

Hello, beautiful people! To celebrate the 13 years I spent as a blogger, I decided to hold my first ever competition. If you have read my any of my blogs, you'd know how much I love fairy tales, myths, legends and the fantasy genre. I read books, watch movies and write about them. This time, I would like to read from YOU.

A lot of us probably grew up reading fairy tales. Maybe you read them in school, or fell in love with a Disney movie, or watched a play or performance as a child. And as adults fall in love with them all over again because of movies such as Maleficent, television series such as Once Upon a Time or books such as Gaiman's Coraline. These inspiration still lives on today.

Now, it is your turn. The contest is easy. You create your own original character and story. It can be inspired by a fairy tale, a re-telling or a sequel. If you go with a sequel, I warn you that I am not very fond of sequels though, so you have to make it really good.

The contest starts June 20, 2016, Monday and it ends August 22, 2016, Monday. This means that you have two months to write your entries.

Seriously Cute: MNL48 Fan Meet (05.29.2016)

AKB announcement of sister group, MNL48
 last 26 March 2016
This project had been first announced a few years ago. It has been so long though that I thought they would scrap the project. Imagine my surprise when they officially announced the formation of BNK48, TPE48 and MNL48 in an AKB48 concert.

I was shocked and ecstatic.

It was finally happening, I could finally watch idols perform up close. That is why when there was a raffle for a fan meet to happen, I was extremely happy but at the same time confused, since as far as I knew there weren't any members yet.

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