Between the Pages: Keep on Believing by Marie Higgins

"Have you ever wondered what would have happened to Cinderella if she had ran away from her evil stepmother before meeting the Fairy Godmother and before the prince’s ball? Well… In this story, you’ll find out what might have happened. "

Book Summary

Taking some of the family’s jewels, Ella Spencer and her brother left the kingdom in the dead of night, escaping the clutches of their evil stepmother. Ella realized they need a different life than one of a servant. Now living in a new kingdom, Ella believes this is where they can start over again. So far, it’s working…until her brother’s school teacher starts poking his nose into their business. She cannot tell him the truth, yet deep down inside, she feels that he might be her Prince Charming after all, and be the one who’ll save her from danger.

Christopher Morgan is hiding secrets that he never plans to divulge. The sister of one of his students intrigues him, and he can’t keep from wanting to know more about her. When a man comes around asking questions, Chris fears Ella is not safe and he needs to protect her. But he finds that he is the one in need of a dream-come-true. Can he hope that Ella will be the one to rescue him out of his life before these secrets destroy him?


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Ella Spencer is the story's heroine. I have to admit that at first I didn't like her very much for reasons not entirely her fault. It didn't help that she was an example of a "damsel in distress" trope. She redeemed herself in my eyes later though when she managed to rescue herself.

Also, she was the woman behind the man during a time where women are were not expected to know more than how to take care of children. For that, I have to applaud her for being quite clever in her ploy.

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Christopher Morgan, much like the timeless Mr. Darcy, is a character that basically ruins me for real men forever. He is Billy's schoolteacher. He was a hard-working man that values honor. However, he seemed to be unaware of his own handsomeness.

Overall, I think he is dreamy. While I admit that I am a self-rescuing princess, I wouldn't mind at all being helped once in a while by a handsome man on horseback.

Billy Spencer, other than being mischievous, is obviously a brilliant boy. Not that he shows much of that brilliance in his schoolwork. He is a character found only in the story since Cinderella had no siblings in the original and neither had the prince.

He is the class troublemaker, and was spoiled enough to believe he would get away with it. Unfortunately for him, Chris wouldn't budge once he decided to teach the young troublemaker a lesson.

I can't wait to see more of this young boy's future. Who knows, maybe in a few years he will be the next "Where Dreams Come True" hottie to look forward to.

Rodmilla is Billy and Ella's stepmother. The moment I read her name, I could only picture one person for this role. Anjelica Huston had also played the wicked stepmother for "Ever After," a Cinderella story from 1999. She also had the same name. Coincidence? I think not. Personally, it was my favorite adaptation and Anjelica Huston set the bar high for portraying a charismatic gold digger.

She is vain and extravagant woman. Beauty is her sword and money is her shield. You will love hating her and I imagine she won't care but she would still destroy you anyway, whether by magic or manipulation.


From Goodreads:

"Marie Higgins is a best-selling, multi-published author of sweet romance; from refined bad-boy heroes who make your heart melt to the feisty heroines who somehow manage to love them regardless of their faults."


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"Keep on Believing" made it to #3 on the hot new release fairy tales in Amazon. That is an amazing feat considering the competition she has in the genre.

I was ecstatic to have the opportunity to review this book. Why wouldn't I be when I had been a fan since first discovering her on wattpad. I am a fan of her clean and pure romances, which is rare these days due to the popularity of the risque, bodice ripper genre and the dark or dystopian. While I can't say that I don't read those too, Marie Higgins is undeniably a breath of fresh air.

Even though Ella was supposed to play the Cinderella of the story, I can't help but think that Chris was more of the Cinderella than she had been. The story to me feels like a reverse of the usual trope, "Rich Guy, Poor Woman." This time, we have a rich girl and poor man.

The story is full of drama, with Chris set against giving his heart to a wealthy woman, it made me wonder if will he find love with Ella. How far was he willing to go for love? Would their own pasts keep them from being together? Is love enough to forgive the secrets and lies?

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