Seriously Cute: YANAKIKU in Manila

Yanakiku at Pop Life FanXperience, Manila
Prior to watching them perform at the ToyCon/Pop Life FanXperience, Manila, I had never heard of this group before.  I chose to watch them perform out of pure curiosity, it was one of the highlights of an otherwise terrible day --- my wallet got stolen at this event (Reminders: Please be careful with your wallets and bags in these big crowds)


Megumi Yanagi and Shoko Kikui, aka Yana and Kiku are members of Japanese pop duo, Yanakiku.  The group has been active since 2012 and their mission is to share the wonders of Japan to the world --- oh and rule the world.

What makes this group especially interesting is their combination of contemporary Japanese pop culture, such as kawaii and decora culture --- with traditional Japanese.  This shows in their costumes and music videos.  Also, their image makes them look like they leaped out from an anime.

Another thing that makes them different different from other performers I have seen are their amazing voices.  Individually, they are great singers and together they are dynamite.  Their songs aren't high-pitched nor idol-ly which I admit is what I usually associate in Japanese pop.  These girls can really sing. 

Write A Dream: Create Your Fairy Tale Contest Results!

Welcome Home, Ivy
Art by: Sukizuki Izuna
This is certainly late, but you can't rush perfection.

A few months ago, I announced that I was having a small short story competition with a fairytale/fantasy motif.  It wasn't very hard to choose a winner.

The winner is Chiima Takui's Ivy's Home.

There was a short debate between Izuna and I about the two stories we had tied for first place.  In the end, it was Ivy who takes the prize home.

I loved the second place for the main character but we enjoyed Ivy for its well-thought storytelling.  The style of writing is also very fluid, which I envy a lot.

Due to her needing it for her dissertation, I can't post it just yet but I will once she gives me the green light.

Without further ado,  I present to you, Ivy of Ivy's Home...  

For more information about the author, Chiima Takui, see the links below:-


For more information about the artist, Sukizuki Izuna, see the links below:-



Beyond the Trailer: Through the Looking Glass (2016)

Alice in Through the Looking Glass (2016)
Disney is really taking advantage of the success of most of their live action movies.

While I admit that I wasn't the biggest fan of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, I would be lying if I said I hadn't been looking forward to this movie since they first announced it.

How could I miss watching anything resembling one of my all-time favorite stories? Even now, I still call the times I seem to daydream and disappear inside my head "My Wonderland."

Alice in Wonderland had always been a part of my childhood. Much like how the animated Cinderella influenced me as a child, Alice had done the same and probably in some ways maybe even more.

I knew it would be ridiculous to expect a faithful adaptation. It would be ridiculous to expect that, but I wanted something that I would at least enjoy. I didn't hate the first movie though and I don't think it was a bad movie, but it was not without flaws. The world building not being my type was probably another contributing factor of this.

Another reason for my curiosity of this film is the change of directors. Tim Burton didn't return to direct this movie. Instead, it is being directed by James Bobin. I haven't seen any of his other works, so I honestly didn't know what changes to expect but I was certainly expecting it.

Between the Pages: School of Good and Evil #2 by Soman Chainani

The School for Good and Evil:
A World Without Princes
After reading the first book, I felt obligated at first to read the second book of this series. It became less of an obligation the deeper I got into the story.

As usual, the art is beautiful. Not surprising since it was done by Iacopo Bruno, the same artist from the first book. The plot is also a lot more thrilling for me than the last book. In this book, Chainani is really tearing down the stereotypes.

This book, I think is not only a satire of fairy tales but also the feminism that takes things to the extremes. I never thought it would be something tackled in a book about fairy tales.

While I consider myself a feminist, I do understand that there are some that takes it to the extreme.

I still like pretty dresses, make up and high heels but most people believe that being a feminist is about doing without embracing one's femininity. I believe feminism is about being free to express themselves however they want whether it is in their masculinity or femininity. It is about equality and believing we can be heroes ourselves.

I love this book because it somehow managed to give a silhouette of real life issues without being obvious and deviating from the story. It made made things relatable to females and interesting to guys. I have a younger brother who enjoyed this series about as much as I do.

Write A Dream: Create Your Fairy Tale

Hello, beautiful people! To celebrate the 13 years I spent as a blogger, I decided to hold my first ever competition. If you have read my any of my blogs, you'd know how much I love fairy tales, myths, legends and the fantasy genre. I read books, watch movies and write about them. This time, I would like to read from YOU.

A lot of us probably grew up reading fairy tales. Maybe you read them in school, or fell in love with a Disney movie, or watched a play or performance as a child. And as adults fall in love with them all over again because of movies such as Maleficent, television series such as Once Upon a Time or books such as Gaiman's Coraline. These inspiration still lives on today.

Now, it is your turn. The contest is easy. You create your own original character and story. It can be inspired by a fairy tale, a re-telling or a sequel. If you go with a sequel, I warn you that I am not very fond of sequels though, so you have to make it really good.

The contest starts June 20, 2016, Monday and it ends August 22, 2016, Monday. This means that you have two months to write your entries.

Seriously Cute: MNL48 Fan Meet (05.29.2016)

AKB announcement of sister group, MNL48
 last 26 March 2016
This project had been first announced a few years ago. It has been so long though that I thought they would scrap the project. Imagine my surprise when they officially announced the formation of BNK48, TPE48 and MNL48 in an AKB48 concert.

I was shocked and ecstatic.

It was finally happening, I could finally watch idols perform up close. That is why when there was a raffle for a fan meet to happen, I was extremely happy but at the same time confused, since as far as I knew there weren't any members yet.

Between the Pages: Keep on Believing by Marie Higgins

"Have you ever wondered what would have happened to Cinderella if she had ran away from her evil stepmother before meeting the Fairy Godmother and before the prince’s ball? Well… In this story, you’ll find out what might have happened. "

Book Summary

Taking some of the family’s jewels, Ella Spencer and her brother left the kingdom in the dead of night, escaping the clutches of their evil stepmother. Ella realized they need a different life than one of a servant. Now living in a new kingdom, Ella believes this is where they can start over again. So far, it’s working…until her brother’s school teacher starts poking his nose into their business. She cannot tell him the truth, yet deep down inside, she feels that he might be her Prince Charming after all, and be the one who’ll save her from danger.

Christopher Morgan is hiding secrets that he never plans to divulge. The sister of one of his students intrigues him, and he can’t keep from wanting to know more about her. When a man comes around asking questions, Chris fears Ella is not safe and he needs to protect her. But he finds that he is the one in need of a dream-come-true. Can he hope that Ella will be the one to rescue him out of his life before these secrets destroy him?

Sharing a Sweet Sound: Leave A Message by 4TE

"Leave a Message" w/ Chii, Jenni, Micchi and Mei
"Please leave a message after the tone."

What message is there left to say without repeating what others have said before? I might just be sounding repetitive but it has to be said.

.... These girls are amazing!

Their debut, MORE/Ippo Zutsu released early 2015 had made an impression on both fans and critics alike. Fans thought it was brilliant and they even had critics saying that there was something there.

They didn't disappoint. These girls took everything that everyone was saying about their last release and just knocked this one out of the park.

Since the first hints of their next video appeared on their social media, I admit I was one of those people who were looking forward to it more than Christmas.

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