Sharing a Sweet Sound: Why Do I? by Chii

Chii asks, "Why do I cry?"
When not making music for 4TE and REMOTE GIRL☆, it looks like Chii and Alexander are still keeping themselves busy.

If there is one thing the girls in 4TE always excelled at, it is showcasing their individual personalities.

Last 4th of November, Chii released her first solo not under the name of  REMOTE GIRL☆ and it is called, "Why Do I?"

However, it comes a little bit of a surprise. I am so used to to hearing Chii sing in Japanese, that I wasn't prepared for this particular song to be in English.

However when the surprise died down, I was able to fall in love with it as it is. The song was fun --- without it necessarily being a dance tune.

Chii with Cry-kun in MV.
Cry-kun says, "I dance for cookies."
From the very first moment, the whole thing for me is a mix of Caroline Lufkin's song, "Bicycle," in voice and vintage feel  and Sweet Vacation's quirky and fun techno-style.

Chii's world --- might be a bit more surreal though. It is like she decided to add Alice in Wonderland-glasses into the mix. Who doesn't love a trip down the rabbit hole?.


Chii aka Chii.

"I’m that ‘Small Town Girl’ that everyone looks at that has a weird taste in music and fashion." - Chii

As I mentioned earlier, the video is like looking through Alice in Wonderland-glasses with its quirkiness, surrealism, cute heroine and a supporting "cast?" of moving inanimate objects. I mean --- how can you not love the dancing boxman, Cry-kun?

But seriously, Chii's look is something right out of a storybook. Or maybe out of an anime.

I am pretty sure, her outfit was Harajuku-inspired. I love the seifuku (sailor outfit) with the big red bow and the hair accessories are just adorable.

Throughout the whole thing, I can really see Chii's individual style that brings her apart from the group. For me, Chii was always the "cute" one. While she still maintains that in the video, she also brings out her strangeness, creativity and her thinking out of the box. No pun intended.

Alexander aka Cry-kun 

What is a storybook heroine without her faithful sidekick? 

And for Chii, she has Cry-kun. Alexander of 4TE and REMOTE GIRL☆ plays, Cry-kun. You will notice him throughout the video either dancing alongside Chii or randomly dancing at the side of your screen.

Whenever I see him, I can't help but giggle and wonder if someone bribed him with cookies.

Just kidding! I just love the kind of stories you can make up wondering why he was crying, like maybe inside he was asking how he got bribed into this. Or maybe Cry-kun  is fueled by cookies.

Despite the crying face he makes, playing his character does look like a lot of fun.

Music and Video

Screenshot from "Why do I?"
The overall video is really a mix of Western and Asian influences, Nothing unusual from Chii who had grown up exposed to both cultures and has mentioned it from time to time.

However, music-wise I admit I hear a lot more European influence. It has nothing to do with the language. I think in Japanese, it would still feel the same to me. My best guess is that there is a slight nod to 90's music here.

Screenshot from Especia's "Aviator"
Earlier, I mentioned that I am reminded a bit of Sweet Vacation. Their PR cites to have had influences from groups like Justice and Especia.

What makes it funny is that Especia is from the same label as Sweet Vacation, which was Victor Entertainment.

I suppose I do see the similarities between "Why do I ?" and Especia's "Aviator" with the surreal theme and bright colors. Aviator has a more disco theme though.

Screenshot from Justice's "D.A.N.C.E."
 For Justice, I can see this is where the musical influence came from. They both have an electronic beat. Also, both bands have a late 80's or 90's feel to their music.

Despite all similarities though, I think Chii and Cry-kun ---- errr --- I mean Alexander did a good job making it their own.

"This video has been particularly fun
to edit so far."

From her instagram @lolichii 
Before this video, I never knew Chii edited her own videos. Maybe in a way I did, but I didn't know she could be this keen to detail. I really am a poor excuse of a fan.


While I admit that I am still excited for the next 4TE release, knowing that Chii is still making music still makes me happy. Yes, 4TE is an awesome group. With their solo works though, you get to see them as individuals and remember who they were before 4TE.

I loved everything about the MV. I love the music and the wacky video. I love watching Chii be herself and pour herself into it. I am looking for ward to what she has for us next! I can't wait for more Chii cute-ness.  (*⌒▽⌒*)θ~♪


  1. What a great review! I love the song and video too, they're so incredibly talented.

  2. Your chibi caricatures are really cool by the way :D


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