Seriously Cute: Okay! Musume Time 5th Anniversary Contest

I am an Idol Blogger ...
... how did that happen?!

How many times have you had this scenario before?

Random Person: Why Japanese idols? You don't understand what they are saying.
You: How about you? Why do you like [Insert random artist here]?
RP: I don't know ... because I enjoy it?
You: Bingo. 

For me, I love it the same way how people like Kpop and Justin Bieber. People can like Kpop because the style matches their taste. Or love Justin Bieber because his lyrics reaches them. Why can't Jpop have the same effect on me?

However ten years ago, if someone had told me I would fall in love with J-pop idol music I would probably laughed. At that time, I had been serious about perfecting my singing Broadway songs. I wanted to sing Opera and pursue music in college. That was such a long time ago, but I remember how it broke my heart when I realized that I didn't have enough talent to make a career out of it.

Sharing a Sweet Sound: Why Do I? by Chii

Chii asks, "Why do I cry?"
When not making music for 4TE and REMOTE GIRL☆, it looks like Chii and Alexander are still keeping themselves busy.

If there is one thing the girls in 4TE always excelled at, it is showcasing their individual personalities.

Last 4th of November, Chii released her first solo not under the name of  REMOTE GIRL☆ and it is called, "Why Do I?"

However, it comes a little bit of a surprise. I am so used to to hearing Chii sing in Japanese, that I wasn't prepared for this particular song to be in English.

However when the surprise died down, I was able to fall in love with it as it is. The song was fun --- without it necessarily being a dance tune.

Chii with Cry-kun in MV.
Cry-kun says, "I dance for cookies."
From the very first moment, the whole thing for me is a mix of Caroline Lufkin's song, "Bicycle," in voice and vintage feel  and Sweet Vacation's quirky and fun techno-style.

Chii's world --- might be a bit more surreal though. It is like she decided to add Alice in Wonderland-glasses into the mix. Who doesn't love a trip down the rabbit hole?.

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