Sitting Down with Mei (4TE and Former Oishii-Ichigo)

Main Vocalist
Fans of the group, 4TE may realize this just turning to their social media. It seems that that are working on new music and their next music video. Already, the group has been sharing teasers of the costumes and theme.

Trying to hold in my excitement, I instead tried diverting my attention to my interview with Mei. Not that it helped since hearing her voice gave me the urge to smile ridiculously. After this interview, I learned a new side from Mei. Her beauty isn't just skin deep, she is extremely mature and has the voice that probably spoke with the most experience in the group.

Mei, the angel-voiced fashionista of the group has been a favorite of mine since she first auditioned for Oishii!Project. She has a voice that oozed charisma and a style that I would kill for.

My artist's first reaction to her photo and videos were, "Wow! She is so pretty." No different from how I reacted as well.

Oh, and if you don't know yet, Mei is not just another coverist. I fell in love with her Clarity cover. She has also been known to share some of her original compositions. Even getting recognition for one of them  from Japanese program, J-Mello.

Sitting Down with Micchi (4TE and Former Oishii-Ichigo)

Main Vocalist
In the Jpop fandom, when you hear the word ‘Idol’ (アイドル, aidoru) what comes to mind?

I am willing to bet that it is usually ‘Morning Musume’ (モーニング娘。Mōningu Musume) or the AKB48. The idol industry is currently one of the highest selling musical acts in Japan. But their popularity isn’t exclusively in Japan. Their fame has extended to different parts of the world. Even as far as the United States.

Thanks to YouTube and sites like Nico Nama, a new type of fandom rose from the ashes like a phoenix. They are called, ‘Net Idols.’ These girls received recognition when Beckii Cruel, a girl from the Isle of Man shot to fame. She became an inspiration to many girls outside Japan who dream of becoming an Idol.

And I had the pleasure to speak on Skype with one of the members of the online idol fandom's rising groups, 4TE.

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