Sitting Down with Chii (4TE and REMOTE GIRL☆)

Main Vocalist
“I can’t believe I’m actually talking to Remote Girl!"

Just that basically sums up how this writer felt during the whole interview with the beautiful and talented brunette from the United States.

Most people are probably asking, “Who is this girl?”, “Who is Lolichiidesu?” and “Why all the excitement over a girl in the internet?”

She is 1/4 of indie group, 4TE, ½ of REMOTE GIRL☆ and Oishii!Project alumniHer solo channel in Youtube (Lolichiidesu) has almost reached a half a million views and her works with REMOTE GIRL☆ almost reaching a hundred thousand views. Her songs and videos receiving compliments from top performers from Japan. None of these feats very easy to accomplish.

For more information about 4TE, click on this link

REMOTE GIRL☆ is a duo composed of Chii and her friend. This duo’s genre leaned more towards Rock. Their most popular cover,“Ninjari Bang Bang” by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has over 62K+ views, and I personally think they are a group worth looking into.

Who doesn’t love a girl with a lot of personality? And Chii certainly has a lot of it. She also quickly caught my eye for her adorable antics in front of the camera, her cute outfits and her strawberry & cream voice.

Now, she is still active making covers, holding fan events for the fans of 4TE and recording with the other members of 4TE for their mini album. 

Always have a glass of water handy
while recording!
” - Chii

 It's time to bring out your pen and paper to learn the secrets...

...  of 4TE and REMOTE GIRL☆'s cute member, Chii!

Aidolizings: Did you always want a career under the spotlight and being in the eyes of the media? Did you always want to do what you are doing now with REMOTE GIRL☆ and Oishii!Ichigo?
Chii: I didn’t always think I wanted to be a singer. I wasn’t confident that I could … but I always wanted something under the spotlight definitely. When I was a little girl, I wanted to be an artist but I didn’t just want to be ‘an artist’ but I wanted to be an artist world known. So, I’ve always wanted something that happens ‘big’ regardless of what it is. I just, in time, got more and more interested in singing.

A: How old were you when you started singing?
C: I’ve been singing my entire life but I didn’t start taking it seriously until I was like — maybe fourteen? Then I started to notice that I really liked it a lot. (Laughs)And it was quite a secret for a long time because — because when I would sing and people would make fun of me. I was not confident at all and people would tell me, “You’re such a good artist! You should draw! You should make a career out of that!”, so it made me kind of timid to admit that I wanted to be a singer.

Mini!Chii, for #ThrowbackThursday
A: But I am really glad that you didn’t listen because seriously! So, How did you get started?
C: I started by studying Jazz in school because it was there and available to me. The more I participated, the more confident I got and I started to believe in myself a little more and it pushed me to finally start pursuing it.

A: Who are your biggest inspirations? Where do you draw your inspirations from?
C: Hmmm … vocally, YUI has been an inspiration for me. Kyary (Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ) is also someone I really idolize because she was one of the first Jpop singers that I ever saw that really saw her silly side. And it made me feel like there was hope for me. Because I’m a little awkward and silly a lot of the times. Jpop singers are always perceived as very calm and beautiful and graceful and I am quite the opposite of that so to think Kyary prospered in the Jpop community made me feel a lot more confident about myself.

Chii, while she was still in Oishii!Project
A: What inspired your REMOTE GIRL☆ persona? How is she different from her Oishii!Ichigo Persona? Are they different?

C: I’d like to think they are because … I have a lot of Rock influence and I can’t really express it very much through Oishii!Project. It is more ‘idol-y’ and has a Morning Musume (モーニング娘。Moningu Musume) type feel to it. Alexander (½ of REMOTE GIRL☆) is actually the producer of the first album and he makes electronic music, so we wrote that together for the first album but both of us are very ‘band’ and ‘rock’ influenced off-screen. He’s very comfortable playing bass guitar it was kind of an outlet for both of us to express that part of our music taste.

He is in a band in Austin (Texas) and we both went up to record. I do session vocals unrelated to everything. On the way back, we were kind of like, Well, we kind of do a lot of electronic stuff (music) and you like Japanese Pop and I like this and that, so why don’t we make a band?” So from the drive back which was about three to four hours, we just came up with the name and what we were going to do and then we started writing from there.

Chii with Alexander
REMOTE GIRL☆ is supposed to be like "We’re appealing to Japan but we’re not there,” so it is ‘remote’ and it also makes subtle hints of mechanical or controlled (Electronic). It was just a little bit abstract. It was just an idea from both of us, not really just me.

A: But it was really a good idea to set yourself apart. Like I said earlier, that is always a good thing for me.You were the writer of ‘GAMETIME’, right? It is actually my favorite in the album.
C: That is awesome! Thank you. Gametime was written by me and Alexander (½ of REMOTE GIRL☆). Not just me and it was arranged by Matthew Pablo. A three-person team?

Chii #selfie on a regular day.
A: Who is Chii outside Oishii!Ichigo, 4TE and REMOTE GIRL☆? Who are you?
C: I’m that ‘Small Town Girl’ that everyone looks at that has a weird taste in music and fashion. When I meet people for the first time and people I only hear from word of mouth would call me ‘Lady Gaga’ or something like that. I have definitely toned down my fashion over the years but for the longest time I had pink hair. And I still dress kind of funny once in a while. I don’t really follow the fashion here. It’s very Mexican influenced. We’re right next to the border, so most of the people here are Hispanic. With the Hispanic, comes a lot of conservative-ness so people here are either very conservative and try not to stand out or lean towards the baggy jeans and rap kind of thing. I don’t really fit into either of those categories, so even if I try not to stick out I do. I guess I’m just the oddball in a small town that is what I would say.

A: What is the hardest part about being a ‘Net Idol’?
C: The pressures of being a likable person to the audience. You know, if you open up and say things freely and show more of your weird and awkward side people are quick to criticize and dislike you but if you don’t say much of anything and very careful with your words, people kind of make assumptions of what kind of person you are so it’s challenging to find a balance between those two things. A balance of where you can be yourself and careful not to offend anyone, so it’s … hard.

Micchi, Chii and Jenny.
Post-M O R E #selfie
A: We heard from Micchi that girls in the fandom receive a lot of wank, you implied it yourself. Do you get them? And if you do, how do you cope with it?
C: I try my best not to acknowledge it. It’s as simple as stepping away from your computer and just breathing for a little bit because I think adding fuel into fire will just make things worse. I try to remind myself that anonymity gives people power, so they say things they wouldn’t dare in person. I try to not let it get to me because I’m sure they are lovely people regardless of the things they say on the internet.

A: You’re quite optimistic. I didn’t see that from you … well, what is the BEST part of being a ‘Net Idol’? What do you love about it?
C: People are always listening. So you get to share things with many more people than you do in real life. You’re never lonely. So maybe you have a beautiful memory that you want to share with a couple of friends and family that you can share with with many more people when you’re in the spotlight. You work really hard on a song and people are willing to listen and cooperate. If you’re struggling with any kind of problem, people are understanding and try to help you even though you barely know these people they’re very warm and inviting. It’s very pleasant to be in the spotlight in that sense. I like knowing I have friends even though I’ve never seen their faces. I think that’s cool.
“Live with passion.
Without it, you’re not living at all.”

A: What motto do you live by?
C:“Live with passion. Without it, you’re not living at all.”

I think you can be passionate about anything even hobbies or small things but you won’t truly be happy until you find that. People spend their everyday life going to school and working without a drive to do something. It is very monotonous and I am sure it is sad, so I really love seeing people that love something and it is very apparent that they love it. They could have the worse day ever and they could go back to the thing they love doing and it will keep them going. I feel that way. I feel that what keeps me going is music, “Live with Passion.

A: Do you have a character?
C: I think people consider me as the ‘Try-Hard’one?

A: What? Really?
C: I get a lot of flak from people because I do a lot of weird posing and being theatrical. It doesn’t work well with some people. I guess my character is the‘burriko’ (meaning, ‘A woman who acts like a child’). The one that tries very to be cutesy.

Chii Kawaii #selfie
I don’t know — (Laughs) It is kind of hard to put a character on myself. I consider my personality to have a lot of depth to it, but not a lot of people see that. So, all they see is the silly posing and stuff. I … I’m kind of the awkward one. Everybody seems to know what’s going on in their life. You just ‘see’ them and you already know how to describe them in one word. With me, it’s that girl that doesn’t know how to say a full sentence without pausing or saying, “ummm” or looking away from the camera.

A: What are your strengths?

C: As far as my strong points though. I think I am very focused and goal-oriented, so I am always looking for more ways to improve or add to the project. I like to push people to do things. Behind the scenes when there is a deadline, I am that over-enthusiastic person messaging everyone, “Hey, guys! Two more days before the deadline! Are you guys ready?” So, I am always excited over it no matter how long I’ve been in the project I continue to strive to make it the best it can be. And I love writing music, I am doing it all the time.
Chii's Post-Fansign Event #selfie

A: Well, I am out of questions. This has been a lot of fun. Before we end this interview, do you have a message for your fans?
C: Thank you for being my fan even though I don’t express many things about myself. I want to learn to be myself knowing you guys will love me. And thank you to the fans of Oishii!Project in general, please keep listening to our music and we’ll keep making them.

And, I love everybody. ❤




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