Sharing a Sweet Sound: REMOTE GIRL☆ Discography

(L to R) Jenny, Chii and Alexander
In honor of REMOTE GIRL☆'s latest cover and their surprising change in their lineup, lets go back in time and venture through this group's awesome discography in the time they have been together. A while back, I got the opportunity to talk with one of the founding members of REMOTE GIRL herself, Chii.

The band was originally composed of Alexander aka. PROMWOLF and Chii. Some fans might find Chii familiar from her Oishii!Project days. However, did you know that Alexander is an Oishii!Project alumni as well. He helped bring the project's first release, "GAMETIME" to life.

Original duo, REMOTE GIRL☆
at AKON 2014
 It was born during one 3-4 hour drive home after a music session at Austin, Texas. Chii and Alexander began talking about their music interests. Both of them had interests in Electronic music and Japanese music. They compared notes until someone finally asked, "Why don't we form a band?"

From there everything else followed, such as their name and concept. They developed the concept with the thought of appealing to a Japanese audience despite not being actually there.

They developed the name together. The name, REMOTE GIRL☆ has a clever play with words. Remote could mean two things. It can either mean to give an "electronic" feel, which will go with the  electronic music. The other, it can mean they are remote from Japan.

The band began with two members, but last May 11, 2015 the band made a comeback with a new cover and a new face in the team. She is another familiar face. Jenny Diaz or JennyDi from youtube. Also an Oishii!Project alumni and fellow member.

New REMOTE GIRL☆ lineup.
(From L to R) Alexander, Chii and Jenny.
Now, the band comes in three members. Chii as main vocalist, Alexander with lead guitar and Jenny with back up vocals and bass guitar.

With their cover, Relax in the City, the band takes on a different image from their former colorful and silly image in favor of a clean and refreshing image.

Does this mean a whole new look for REMOTE GIRL☆ ?

In the two years since the band first debuted their first song, they had done a few things. Contests, MV's and plenty of music. Their videos and music can be found in Chii's youtube account.

 REMOTE GIRL☆ Timeline

  • March 19th 2013 - Remote Girl debuted with their cover of "Ninjari Bang Bang" by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. 
This was the first Remote Girl cover I have ever heard and I was hesitant at first because I wasn't a fan of Kyari Pamyu Pamyu. When I finally listened to it, I am glad I did because I love it! And I admit that I like much better than the original. That is probably why I took the habit of listening to Remote Girl version first before the original. Despite being a cover, they still managed to introduce their own sound as a band. The sound that made them Remote Girl to me.   

  • June 6th 2013 - Remote Girl created their own Facebook page. 

  • June 16th 2013 - Remote Girl released their first original song, "Natsu no Omoide." It also translates as, "Summer Memories."
I have taken to thinking of this as the basis of the Remote Girl sound. I was excited to listen to this because it was their only original release. While not the earworm their covers are, this is still a very strong original song. I can see this being the closing song of an anime. I love the arrangement and I find the combination of rock and Chii's unique singing voice surprisingly perfect together. That said, this group really needs more original releases. I can't get enough of it. 

  • July 5th 2013 - They released their 2nd cover "Super Scooter Happy!", also by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu on youtube. 
Again, I had listened to this version first before listening to the original. I love the colors. By this time, I decided that Chii doing Kyari Pamyu Pamyu songs is just a beautiful thing.  The song is overall, fun and --- happy. 

  • Jan. 21st 2014 - They released announcement with a translated segment of winning the Singer Search award hosted by J-Melo, which included a shout out from Kyary Pamyu Pamyu herself.
I watched J-Melo sometimes and subscribed to their website, so I had heard of this competition. I didn't think much about it until I saw this announcement. "RG competed!" was my first thought. I was sure they would be a shoe-in. Not only was I right, but they were acknowledged by Kyari and members of one of the hottest idol groups now, Morning Musume. 

  • Feb 12th 2014 - They released their 3rd and last cover as a duo, "Yume no Hajima Ring Ring" by Kyari Pamyu Pamyu.
This is actually my favorite song from Kyari Pamyu Pamyu and if I had not watched Remote Girl's version I never would have found it. For this song, I love both versions. I love the colors and concept as well. The concept fits the message of the song and the colors really attract attention and fits the overall feel of the song. I can see that with each video, they are improving their MV-making techniques. 

  • March 16th 2014 - They entered The Pillows 25th Anniversary cover contest doing a cover of "Ride on Shooting star" and won in the preliminary round, which nailed them a spot on a pillows tribute album that is sent to the band themselves. 
My favorite video. Before this video, I never really could imagine Chii in dark colors. In this video she made the dark colors work without compromising her cute and quirky personality. There is really no escaping it. This video is very silly and for fans of Alexander, we get to actually see him being silly as well. Something that I used to only see when he took selfies with Chii.  

  • Dec. 31st 2014 - They announced their contribution in Jpop group, 4TE and reassured viewers of more covers and original content
My jaw dropped the first time I saw the cover page. After an awesome the pillows cover, they were just going to quit? To my relief it wasn't. Chii simply posted a video reassuring that they were definitely still working on a few things. I breathed a sigh of relief because I think this group hasn't reached the tip of the iceberg. 

  • May 11th 2015 - They released a cover of Perfume's "Relax in the City," which introduces Jenny as their bassist and back up vocalist.
I can't say I was too surprised they added Jenny to the line up. I had always thought Jenny and Chii had a good friendship since the beginning. The surprise of this comeback was actually the change of the overall feel of the group. I suspect it is to adapt the motif of the song. This video is much less silly and quirky, but it is still quite fun and it almost feels like an anthem for relaxation. The perfume version made me want to bring out the fine china and have a cup of tea with friends, the Remote Girl version makes me want to go out and buy a hammock and sleep with a cat on my lap.  


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