Sharing a Sweet Sound: Crystal Rose's Reflective Dreamer/Echo

While "Crystal Rose" is a new name on the net idol block, they have been around since February of 2013, only under the name of KRP28.

The group uses the AKB48 formula of having a large number of members and having a Senbatsu or a Selection for every single. They will be chosen by their performance in the group.

Currently, the group has over 28 girls from all around the world in their line up and had selected eight girls as the Senbatsu for their fourth single, Reflective Dreamer.

The girls singing the A-side, which is the titular song of the single are: Sahara, Kyoka, Erein, and Haru, While the B-side, named Echo was sang by Hira, Setsuna, Mizuki, and Sadako.

After I listened to their single, I watched the group's introduction videos to get a better idea of who these girls are. First impressions really matter as a performer. First impressions can last for a very long time.


A-Side Single Senbatsu


Member Color: Silver
Favorite Season: Winter
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 163 cm
Country of Residence: USA
Favorite Hobby: Writing Stories
Favorite Music Artist: VIXX, and Perfume

Sahara is the center of this single.

She is one of the silly-type of members that you can easily enjoy watching. Already, she might someday become one of my favorite members. She seems to enjoy making faces for the camera. While not one of the most vocally talented in the group, what this girl had going for her is her natural charisma. She loves the camera and the camera loves her.

I hope in the next single she is in they give her a song where she can use her voice to an advantage.


Member Color: Peach
Favorite Season: Spring / Summer
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 166 cm 
Country of Residence: Germany
Favorite Hobby: Cosplaying, Drawing, and Making Accessories
Favorite Music Artist: Atsuko Maeda, Yousei Teikoku, AKB48, Idoling!!!, Skillet, and Vocaloid. 

The group's resident cosplayer! My first impression of Kyoka is that she is one the prettiest members, and has a voice that can potentially get audience excited. Though she might need a little work with her expressions especially with her eyes. The right expressions can draw people in, without it a performance can really appear quite dead. I hope she can communicate better with her eyes in the future.


Member Color: Cyan
Favorite Season: Spring / Summer
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height: 5' 3"
Country of Residence: Canada
Favorite Hobby: Dancing, Singing and Drawing
Favorite Music Artist: Pentatonix, BTS and Morning Musume

My first impression of Erein is that she is the resident edgy-type, girl-next-door. She is one of the talented dancers in the group and can grind and move with the greatest of ease. Photography is also one of her hobbies and has a good sense of what looks pleasing to the eyes.


Member Color: Deep red
Favorite Season: Autumn/Fall
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 169cms
Country of Residence: Chile
Favorite Hobby: Singing, reading, 
Favorite Music Artist: Rammstein, The Doors (Idols: Momoiro Clover Z and BiS )

In KRP28, Haru had been one of the most popular members and had shared the center-position with former member, Kali. A surprising feat for someone who I always thought was a very shy member. While one of the most memorable to me, I think Haru really needs a bit more energy and smile, because I have seen her smile and she lights up the whole room!

B-Side Single Senbatsu


Member Color: Yellow
Favorite Season: Autumn
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 159cm
Country of Residence: USA
Favorite Hobby: Singing, Writing, and Art
Favorite Music Artist: Morning Musume, AKB48, and MomoClo

Hira has a very cute voice and probably my favorite voice in this Senbatsu so far. She really cute with her eyes that remind me of Juice=Juice's Sayuki --- small and puppy-like. She still gives me the impression that she is very shy because of her eyes. I hope she brings more energy in the future.


Member Color : Bright Orange
Favourite Season : Summer
Zodiac Sign : Virgo
Height : 171 cm
Country of Residence : Germany
Favourite Hobby : Dancing, Gaming and Cosplaying
Favourite Music Artist : AKB48 and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

While Hira was sweet and soft-spoken, Setsuna is all energy. It almost seemed like she just ate a bag of sugar before she shot for her video. She has a nice smile and it lights up her whole face. I  especially like her confidence and I like that she isn't at all shy in front of the camera. Her randomness is good, but maybe a little work on not looking away from the camera so much.


Member Color: Bubblegum Pink
Favorite Season: Spring
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: 157cm
Country of Residence: Sweden
Favorite Hobby: Learning Zodiac Signs, and Watching Horror Movies
Favorite Music Artist: EXO

Those who know me probably already know that I have a weakness for members with pink as their member color. It doesn't change here. While her talking does seem very practiced, I like that she doesn't take her eyes off the camera. She also comes out as the most idol-like to me from her appearance to her voice. Though I think she still needs a bit more energy ---- maybe not Setsuna-level energy but an energy that will feel more natural.


Member Color: Baby Blue
Favorite Season: Winter
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height: 152cm
Country of Residence: USA
Favorite Hobby: Learning
Favorite Music Artist: Marilin Manson, NobodyKnows+ , and Morning Musume

The group's talented violinist. When I first saw Sadako's photo, I thought she would be taking the boyish image of the group similar to Ikuta Erina of Morning Musume'15. Actually, in a way they are similar because image-wise I really don't know where to place her. Is she boyish? Is she cute? Is she quirky? However, that may be her appeal.


Reflective Dreamer

Lyrics:  Katana-Niara
Composition: Katana-Niara
Instrumental: Techtonicks
Vocal Mixing Felipe: "Vilch" Vilches

The instrumental is good, but I am not a fan of the song in general. It is an EDM song with an instrumental that reminds me a lot of Morning Musume'14 songs.

While I could hear a pretty singing voice there somewhere, I think this group is not vocally strong. The lyrics do give a very good lesson about dreaming and making dreams come true. But I am a little worried that I couldn't understand the whole song.There are some parts I couldn't hear very well, the lyrics felt a little awkward and someone was struggling with a falsetto.

I wasn't won over by the speaking parts either. Maybe the four members just don't sound the best together.


Lyrics:  Katana-Niara
Composition: Katana-Niara
Instrumental: Techtonicks
Vocal Mixing Felipe: "Vilch" Vilches

This is another autotune song but this reminds me of a Vocaloid song. It is much slower-paced than Reflective Dreamer.

It might not be the A-side song but Echo won me over. I do like the arrangement and blending in this song.The only problem is probably that sometimes the different quality microphones are obvious, but it doesn't turn me off as a whole.

I am looking forward to the next song these girls will be working on. I have a feeling that my next Oshi will be in this group.


Haru,  ranked 4th in the Senbatsu and being "2Fab4U."
The system worries me a little because it might encourage quick results over quality products. However, I do understand the advantage of this system. It instills healthy competition and it would also mean being on time.

I do like how hardworking these girls are, so it makes me want to root for them.

I am most excited about Echo at the moment, however the A-side does have a few of the most visually striking members to me. So I am open to the possibility of striking another tune once the PV is up.

Photoshop skills are getting better for the promotional pictures, but can still get better.

The group still has a few things they should work on. Mostly vocally. Having the looks and personality of an idol is only half of being an idol. A well-made song will encourage people to buy the single. But one of the fun things about being an idol fan is watching the idols grow and improve.




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