Sitting Down with Chii (4TE and REMOTE GIRL☆)

Main Vocalist
“I can’t believe I’m actually talking to Remote Girl!"

Just that basically sums up how this writer felt during the whole interview with the beautiful and talented brunette from the United States.

Most people are probably asking, “Who is this girl?”, “Who is Lolichiidesu?” and “Why all the excitement over a girl in the internet?”

She is 1/4 of indie group, 4TE, ½ of REMOTE GIRL☆ and Oishii!Project alumniHer solo channel in Youtube (Lolichiidesu) has almost reached a half a million views and her works with REMOTE GIRL☆ almost reaching a hundred thousand views. Her songs and videos receiving compliments from top performers from Japan. None of these feats very easy to accomplish.

For more information about 4TE, click on this link

REMOTE GIRL☆ is a duo composed of Chii and her friend. This duo’s genre leaned more towards Rock. Their most popular cover,“Ninjari Bang Bang” by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has over 62K+ views, and I personally think they are a group worth looking into.

Who doesn’t love a girl with a lot of personality? And Chii certainly has a lot of it. She also quickly caught my eye for her adorable antics in front of the camera, her cute outfits and her strawberry & cream voice.

Now, she is still active making covers, holding fan events for the fans of 4TE and recording with the other members of 4TE for their mini album. 

Between the Pages: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Cover of "Fangirl."
I initially had no plans on reading this since it didn't seem like my cup of tea. But while shopping for a book that I could read at the airport while waiting for my friend to arrive, he saw the title and jokingly told me, "You should totally read this. This is so you."

While I don't often advertise it, I admit that I am to some degree a fangirl. My brother has suffered many hours listening to me talk about my favorite characters from movies, shows and books. I say "suffered" because majority of the time I am either screaming or squealing.  He's even locked me out of his room a few times and only my tears could get him to open it again.

Though it probably isn't as bad as I am making it sound. According to my brother even that in a scale of 1-10, I only rate as a 4 or 5. That is not so bad, right?

Sharing a Sweet Sound: REMOTE GIRL☆ Discography

(L to R) Jenny, Chii and Alexander
In honor of REMOTE GIRL☆'s latest cover and their surprising change in their lineup, lets go back in time and venture through this group's awesome discography in the time they have been together. A while back, I got the opportunity to talk with one of the founding members of REMOTE GIRL herself, Chii.

Between the Pages: School of Good and Evil #1 by Soman Chainani

Cover of "The School of Good and Evil."
If you guessed that I bought this book because of the pretty cover, you are definitely not wrong. The deceptively innocent cover actually fits its overall theme of not judging a book by its cover. I was lucky this time though, since I did end up enjoying the book.

I grew up watching fairy tales and happily-ever-afters, and have always noticed what is famously known as the Disney formula.

The formula basically goes with a story's characters composed of a beautiful princess, an ugly villain and a rescue by a handsome prince or hero. Basically, the princess is pretty useless. A Disney movie usually has two or all three of these elements in their movies.

This book is a satire of that formula. But not the satire Shrek is. In this story, the most beautiful girl in the village is not the princess and the outcast is not the witch. It is a book that teaches the lesson that good and evil is beyond what is skin deep.

Sharing a Sweet Sound: Crystal Rose's Reflective Dreamer/Echo

While "Crystal Rose" is a new name on the net idol block, they have been around since February of 2013, only under the name of KRP28.

The group uses the AKB48 formula of having a large number of members and having a Senbatsu or a Selection for every single. They will be chosen by their performance in the group.

Currently, the group has over 28 girls from all around the world in their line up and had selected eight girls as the Senbatsu for their fourth single, Reflective Dreamer.

The girls singing the A-side, which is the titular song of the single are: Sahara, Kyoka, Erein, and Haru, While the B-side, named Echo was sang by Hira, Setsuna, Mizuki, and Sadako.

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