Beyond the Trailer: Cinderella (2015)

Cinderella (2015)
Growing up as little girls, many probably had their favorite Disney Princess.  The original animated Cinderella made in 1950 was a popular choice.

With the growing popularity of live action fairy tale adaptations in Disney such as Alice in Wonderland (2010), Maleficent and recently, Once Upon a Time, it is no surprise that Disney is trying to take advantage of it.

Has anybody else noticed that they are mostly utilizing the blonde and beautiful female leads in all these versions, such as Alice, Aurora and Cinderella?

As one of their most popular princesses, it is no surprise that Cinderella was given an adaptation, with Cinderella played by Lily James and the Prince played by Richard Madden. And being one of those little girls who grew up watching this princess, I, of course jumped at the chance to watch it in Cinemas.

The Cinderella fairy tale had been given several adaptations and versions over the years. We have Ever After (1998), with the titular character played by Drew Barrymore and Glass Slipper (1955) with French actress, Leslie Caron; A Cinderella Story  (2004) with the former Disney star, Hilary Duff. These are just to name a few. So the challenge was really to give the story something to make it stand out.

Sitting Down with Max (SHEawase)

Max Ortner
マクシーン  オルトナー
The Boyish One
One of the many highlights in 2014 for indie group, SHEawase had been the addition of Maxine Ortner into their lineup.

After the graduation of Kristy Valdez, it left the group with its three remaining members, Melissa Shows, Tara Muchmore and Morgan Davis.

SHEawase made an announcement on their Facebook page for the beginning of their search for a new member on April 17, 2014.

After a 2-part audition process and going through numerous auditions from girls all over the world, the group and their staff made a decision. They finally announced the winner on their Facebook page on July 29, 2014.

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