Sharing a Sweet Sound: M O R E and Ippo Zutsu [MV]

Opening of 4TE's MV for M O R E.
4TE (for-tay); group members, Jenni, Chii, Micchi and Mei had greeted the new year by revealing all four members of 4TE and the MV for their song, M O R E last January 4, 2015.

The catchy techno sound which is quite reminiscent of the Japanese band, Perfume had fans dancing and shouting for more all over the world.

But their surprises didn't end there. 

Opening of 4TE's MV for Ippo Zutsu.
On February 14, 2015, just in time for Valentines Day, the group released the MV of the second song on their single, "Ippo Zutsu" or "One Step at a Time".

The MV also features familiar faces from the Toronto-based dance group, FrolicLassie, which 4TE's manager Berry Risa is a member.

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