Sitting Down with Morgan (SHEawase)

Morgan Davis
The Cute One
Morgan Davis is one of the members of the net idol group, SHEawase with Melissa Shows, Tara Muchmore and Maxine Ortner.

In a group full of big personalities, Morgan stands out by giving an impression of gentleness. She is the character that is so sweet you can't help rooting for her. But her real appeal shines when this little cutie smiles. Because of her reserved personality, these smiles are rare and precious.

I managed to snag an interview with both Morgan and Maxine after their Tulsa Cosplay Celebration concert. I could only imagine how tired they really were. Despite their lack of sleep just having to perform the night before, the girls managed to look like nothing happened.

Performing at the NekoNeko Music Festival
at Akon 2013 with SHEあわせ
(Photo by Neil Dronet)

Morgan was visibly very nervous and shy. She admitted that it would be her first interview. What she probably didn't know was that I was probably a lot more nervous than her.

Of course for this interview, I wanted to write about more than just my impression of Morgan. I asked members of SHEawase of their impression on their shy cutie.

During the interview, Maxine, Tara and Melissa were also present.

When not talking about Morgan's hair, SHEawase leader, Melissa Shows shares, "Morgan's charm point is definitely her seemingly shy demeanor but then she suddenly says something hilarious. Usually at my expenses but that's okay, I think it's funny too. She has the mischievousness behind her eyes that makes her a little unpredictable and peaks people's interest, you never know what she is going to say!"

Backstage at Tulsa Cosplay Celebration 2014
Morgan with SHEawase manager, Joy.
Even new member, Maxine Ortner has nothing but good things to say about Morgan. "I love Morgan because before I joined she always would talk to me and be so playful with me!  Morgan doesn't leave anyone out of anything and she is so caring and sweet, but super silly too. I think she appeals to the fans because her beauty! Morgan is a natural princess and her quiet, world-domination plotting face is just too fun!" 

It seems there is more to Morgan than meets the eye ... lets get to know SHEawase's Morgan Davis:

Aidolizings: Did you start performing before SHEawase?
Morgan: No. I had never performed before. It was my first time. I was scared at first, but I really wanted to do it. It was really worth it.

Morgan in CD Promotion Photo (2012)
(Photo by: Alyssa Rohler Photography & Web Design)

A: How did you join SHEawase? Was it an audition like Maxine?
M: Yeah. I had first heard about the auditions, but I had been too young. They had another when I was finally old enough and I saw my chance. And then --- I got in!

A: Rate yourself performance-wise from 1-10.
M: 6-7?

A: What are your weaknesses as a performer?
M: My weakness is probably singing, especially while dancing.

A: What is the one thing you want to improve on the most?
M: Definitely my stage presence.
(L to R) Melissa and Morgan 
at Akon 2013 with SHEあわせ
(Photo by Neil Dronet)

A: Give 3 of your inspirations.
M: Melissa, Tara and Maxine!

A: Oh? I actually follow Tara in Facebook, so I have read about what you and Maxine have been up to when you should be practicing.
( *Screams coming from Tara, Maxine, Morgan and Melissa.* )

A: Why did you join SHEawase? You mentioned you just wanted to do it, but is there another reason?
M: I had followed them for a very long time and I was obsessed. I was an enormous fan and when I finally auditioned and passed. I thought, "This was great! This is all I ever wanted." I joined on my birthday and it was great.

A: Did you expect that you had a chance of joining at first?
M: Not really. But I tried out anyway.

(L to R) Melissa, Morgan and Tara
 A: What do you think makes you different in the group? There are four of you, so how do you stand out?
M: I'm --- I do feel I am different. They all have such large personalities and they're all very lovely. They are all the types you can obviously see. To be honest, I don't know. --- maybe --- height?
(Trivia: Morgan is the tallest member in SHEawase)

A: What is your song to perform with SHEawase?
M: SONGS (by Morning Musume) is always really fun. We have to do it again! And 3,2, 1 Breakin' Out (also by Morning Musume) too.

A: What is the hardest part being in SHEawase?
M: Probably not being here [near the other members] because I live upstate, so I am traveling a lot when we have rehearsals. But also the singing while dancing part and expressing myself.

A: Congratulations! You girls met your 3000+ like milestone. What was your first reaction?
Tara: It was four in the morning and we were all like ... 3000!!!!!!!!!!
Post-Tulsa Cosplay Celebration 2014
(L to R) Tara, Maxine, Morgan and friends

A: When you first started performing together in Happy!Project, did you even imagine you’d come this far and survive this long?
M: I was really hoping and I believed that if we worked hard enough,it would happen. So I did see us coming this far.

A: Do you have any last messages to your fans?
M: Hello to everybody! And thank you so much for supporting us all these years and we hope you will continue to support us. Thank you for making this all possible. Thank you so much!


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