Sharing a Sweet Sound: 4TE's Debut, MORE/一歩ずつ

4TE's Debut Logo
4TE (for-tay) is the latest net idol group to debut in 2015. Their name originated from the word, forte - which is a musical term for 'loud.'

The group is comprised of Mei, Jenni, Chii and Micchi. A team-up made from heaven for those like me who had followed them since their Oishii!Project days.

I was one of those fans that was devastated by their graduation and had feared the worst only to be comforted by teases and hints from some of the girls that the graduation wasn't necessarily a goodbye.

These four were definitely the members that really stood out in that huge project and had been popular in their own way. However, they all had one thing in common. They all love music.  

Sitting Down with Morgan (SHEawase)

Morgan Davis
The Cute One
Morgan Davis is one of the members of the net idol group, SHEawase with Melissa Shows, Tara Muchmore and Maxine Ortner.

In a group full of big personalities, Morgan stands out by giving an impression of gentleness. She is the character that is so sweet you can't help rooting for her. But her real appeal shines when this little cutie smiles. Because of her reserved personality, these smiles are rare and precious.

I managed to snag an interview with both Morgan and Maxine after their Tulsa Cosplay Celebration concert. I could only imagine how tired they really were. Despite their lack of sleep just having to perform the night before, the girls managed to look like nothing happened.

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