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Main Vocalist
Four of Spades
Jenny, or JenniDi is a former and pioneering member of the Oishii!Project and Oishii!Ichigo, an online collaboration of online performers and personalities making original idol music to fans.

However, earlier this year Jenny and four other members graduated from the project after being together as a group for two years and having participated in  two singles and one cover.

Known for her gorgeous voice, Jenny wasn't about to leave the music scene. Jenny returned to the online music scene in the form of her band, Four of Spades. The siblings collaborated this one time in order participate in a competition by 'the pillows' in honor of their 25th anniversary.

And what do you get when two musically talented siblings work together? In their case, a stroke of masterpiece.

As Oishii!Jenny, she was the cute and endearing redhead. With her new bleached blond bob, the new image she is sporting is much edgier than the Jenny we knew from the project.

We knew Oishii!Jenny from Oishii!Project ...

... Now, lets get to know Jenny, the Former Oishii!Ichigo!

Oishii!Jenny of Oishii!Project
Aidolizings: What made you decide to audition for Oishii!Project?
Jenny: Just thinking of the possibilities. When I saw the video announcement of an audition, it promised an opportunity to work with a real producer and that was what sold me. I wanted to be able to work with people that write original music. I didn't really think I could get in at all! I am not really very 'idol-ly' and to my surprise, I passed.

A: That beautiful voice?! What is your secret? Do you do anything to take care of it?
J: I didn't always --- but I started to when I became more aware. That was during Senior year in High School because I liked to record with my band at that time. I would do vocals and the sound engineer would tell me to drink tea and told me what it does. Tea loosens the vocal chords and protects it. I then became more and more aware of how important it is so began to do research on taking care of my voice.

I started taking vocal lessons for a while, drank tea (w/ honey) like crazy and wear scarves during the winter.  

A: How long have you been singing in general and how did you start?
Oishii!Jenny #Selfie
J: It is hard to say. I've been singing for as long as I can remember. When I was three or four, my dad would play the guitar and I would sing. That might be how it started.

There was never a time when I didn't sing.

 A:  I've missed you a lot in the idol world! But how does it feel to have graduated from the Oishii!Project?
J: It's a little sad because I've missed everyone else, like Chikage. At the same time, I feel a little good about it since I was one of the older members, so I felt that maybe it was my time to graduate and do my own thing.

A: Was the mass graduation planned?
J:  I believe so, because before you can graduate you have to let the project know ahead of time so we can plan for it. However, it was planned that we would graduate in style.

A: Do you still keep in contact with your former Oishii!Talents?
J: Yes! All the time! We still chat in Facebook and such. I still talk to Chii and Yumi in Skype. I have Kelsey and the others in Facebook too, but I am mostly close to Chii, Yumi and Micchi.

A: You joined the pillows’ 25th Anniversary Cover competition! Your entry is the pillows' Last Dinosaur, right?  Are you keeping this new rock image? (More information about the competition can be found here.)
J: I don't know! The rock image is actually the easiest image for me because that was my background and where I came from.

Jenny from Four of Spades
First studio shot of their cover, Last Dinosaur
A: So this is like going back to your roots?
J: That isn't necessarily what I want to do. I want to keep moving forward. I want to make a career for myself singing. I feel like the best way to do that is to make something commercial or something to do with pop music. But I feel like I fit naturally into this cool and edgy image.

A: Are you nervous competing with a former groupmate?
J: I'm so nervous! She is just so good! But we really helped each other out in this competition. There is a very friendly rivalry between us. She helps me advertise my video and vice versa. We've been really supportive of each other.

A: With the new direction your music has taken, does this mean you are graduating from idol and anime songs?
J: No, not necessarily. I don't really like to limit myself. I like covering different music. There is a cover I am working on that has a Celtic-like sound. I love all kinds of music like J-pop and K-pop, so I definitely don't want to focus myself in rock music.

A: What is it like collaborating with your brother?
J: It is okay. I mean, it is tough sometimes but I have a lot of respect for him as a guitarist. He's a very good guitarist. He's played the guitar since he was six years old.

Opening scene of Last Dinosaur
A:Where did the name “Four of Spades” come from?
J: When I was in a band with my brother originally, we had four members. But my brother liked the name, so we kept it and I had no say in the matter! I decided to simply roll with it.

A: I argue with my brother a lot about everything. Did you have trouble deciding how your entry would come out?
J: Yes! All the time! We argued about how to record and stuff like that. We had to change the key of the song. The original key had been too low for me, so I did two versions and compared them side by side before making a decision. Over all though, I think it came out good despite all the arguing.  

A: One of the best things in the video aside from the song is the giant dog. Whose idea was that giant dog?
Jenny from Four of Spades
Second studio shot of their cover, Last Dinosaur
J: It was Chii's idea actually! The song was called, Last Dinosaur and we looked up the translation. It said that there was a bittersweet-ness about being the last dinosaur. Originally, I had no idea what to do for the video so I thought I'd take videos of me and my brother as a band and give it a nostalgic feel.

Then, Chii came up with this great idea of a Godzilla motif. A city and a giant dinosaur just comes and destroys everything. He's sad and lonely because he is the last dinosaur. So, we casted our dog (Ollie) as Godzilla. And he is a little monster, so it was perfect.

A: Music-wise, how do you think you’ve changed over time?
J: My tastes have brought in all types of music. I dabbled with a variety from rock to indie-hipster music to post-hardcore to coffee shop acoustic and then Oishii!Project came and I went into the J-pop/Idol music until I finally came to the techno-dance sound I have today.

Music-wise I think I am really coming to my own now, so I am very excited.
Screenshot of Jenny with her brother
on the Last Dinosaur

A: Did you ever forsee that you'd reach this level of musical ability?
J: I don't think it is that surprising. Since I was young, I was into anime and singing the songs. Eventually, I found Youtube and started uploading. At first I covered songs similar to the sound of the pillows and Morning Musume. But I think I was actually more into Utada Hikaru and I still am.

But I am in love with the culture of Japan, so I don't find it all that surprising I found myself where I am now. All my life, Japan had always influenced who I am as a person.

A: You have any parting words before we end this interview?
J: Please! Watch my and Chii's video for the pillow's 25th Anniversary and look forward to us in the future. We'll have some surprises coming up in the future.

Lastly ...

The contest finished last August of this year and the winners have been announced. Though Jenny wasn't able to make to the winner's circle, she still managed to make a great accomplishment by amassing more than 10,000 hits on her entry while competing with more than a hundred other contest entries. She thanks everyone that supported her throughout the competition.
REMOTE GIRL☆ in their Ride a Shooting Star entry.

Meanwhile, she was happy to announce that her friend and fellow Oishii!Project graduate that worked hard together with her, Chii with REMOTE GIRL☆ made it. Her entry was a cover of the pillows' Ride on a Shooting Star. If you want to know why, all you have to do is click on the link and enjoy.


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