The Coffee Bean Tea and Leaf: Writer's Paradise

Coffee Bean Tea and Leaf, Cagayan de Oro,
Limketkai Branch along Claro M. Recto Ave.
Even in Cagayan de Oro, I've been to "The Coffee Bean Tea and Leaf" several times with my friends. It doesn't matter whether I am in Manila or Cagayan de Oro, my friends unanimously love it. It should probably be a relief since I do as well and it is one of my favorite haunts when I want to reward myself. Because while I love visiting as many coffeehouses as I can find, this is probably the place my friends and I come back to the most.

I have several reasons to love this place especially. Both sentimental and non-sentimental reasons.

I always loved about it is how friendly it is to writers and is often considered a paradise for writers. I have mentioned this very often that when I write about the cafe I visit, ambiance is very important to me. I have to feel comfortable. Just being there helps stimulate the creativity and helps me write.


60's-Themed Portraits
Because it was founded on 1963, they have tried hard to stay true to their history. They took much of the inspiration for the interior from the 60's but while doing so they still gave it a modern twist.

The walls are plastered with framed photos and quotes with 60's themes. It is also slightly warehouse-inspired interior design. It has a high ceiling, crates for tables and sleek seats.

Crate Tables
There are also normal tables available for those who want to write. The best part for writers is that the facilities also come with wifi and it is really fast. This makes it easy to work for bloggers like me and professionals. Students can also come to study or spend time with friends.


Dessert Display

They have a mouth-watering display with cakes, muffins and bread. I admit that I definitely take my time when I choose and would stand in front of the display for a significant amount of time. There is just too many to choose from and I just love that they have such a variety.

Blueberry Muffin
I have a weakness for blueberry. I love blueberry cheesecake and blueberry muffins. Then again, I admit that I am generally a dork when it comes to sweets.

This time, I chose a blueberry muffin. According to my friend, the photo doesn't really look appetizing but I think it just my photography skills. It needs work.

I like its texture and that it isn't too sweet. The taste isn't overwhelming either. I definitely tasted the blueberries but guess my only problem is probably that the taste isn't really memorable for me. I think it is a good dessert to try, so it isn't bad at all. Or maybe because I partnered it with a drink that has a more memorable taste and it overwhelmed it. I had the Cold African Sunset tea.

Rather than tea, which was what I partnered it that time --- I think it is better to partner this with coffee. I think it would make a great balance.

Chicago Cheesecake
Next is the Chicago cheesecake. Cielo mentioned that she loved cheesecake and it happens to be Coffee Bean's specialty. The Chicago Cheesecake, I could honestly say that this was definitely a better dessert to have with tea. I can't really explain why.  It is so soft and it had the right amount of sweetness.

Lesson learned. It is also important to know which drink to partner with each dessert so that you can be able to appreciate both.

Tuna Pandesal
Usually, people wouldn't really call pandesal anything special. After all, you can find it in any bakery. I felt like it was something I had to try though since I do like tuna.

I ordered the tuna pandesal and it is definitely not the ordinary tuna sandwich. The bread is perfectly cooked and I don't know what they did to the tuna but it also taste good. I like the combination of the soft bread and the tuna.

While I did love the tuna pandesal, I think I liked the Sardine and Feta pandesal that Krissy ordered was better. The flavor is very rich. It made me want to order more --- if I wasn't only broke.

Sardine and Feta Pandesal
I had my doubts about it at first because I am not a big fan of sardines. I changed my mind pretty quick after trying it. I recommend that it is better to have this with cold tea or dark coffee though.


I've tried almost all of their cold and hot drinks. While I have always been the type to try everything on the menu first before going back to something, I don't seem to mind not doing that here.

Moroccan Mint Tea Latte
Their Moroccan Mint Tea Latte is one of those drinks I usually go back to. I think it is because of my sweet tooth again. I love the marriage of mint and chocolate. The presentation is also very cute. It is really nice and frothy and it has a taste that will really sink into your tastebuds and stay for a while.

If you are not a fan of hot drinks, they have a variety of cold drinks too. I get curious very easily, so when Cielo decided on a cold African Sunrise Tea, I was intrigued. I also wanted to know what a sunrise tasted like. It is one of their herbal tea selections

For Cold Drinks
(Iced Chai Tea Latte and African Sunrise Tea)
It has an interesting taste. I can taste the herbs but at the same time tastes sweet. I think it is syrupy? I can't really name it though. Its smell is soothing and the flavor is unique. I don't think I have ever tasted tea with the same taste before.

My friend, Krissy ordered the Iced Chai Tea Latte. She enjoys chai tea for its health benefits and she sincerely likes the taste. I find it refreshing. I usually worry about tea being too bitter and such but this was blended well and the bitter taste isn't too overpowering, which is the problem for most tea-lovers.

As a writer, I can always say I think --- that The Coffee Bean Tea and Leaf is my little piece of paradise.


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