Coffee Bean Tea and Leaf: Afternoon Escape

Nora Roberts's "Reflections and Dreams"
w/ an order of their Coffee Ice Blended
Caramel Brownie
I have mentioned this before that many of my friends love Coffee Bean Tea and Leaf. My friends, such as Krissy and Sandra. I went to CBTL on two separate occasions. Once to meet Krissy before she left for Dumaguete and the next with Sandra because it was a few days after her birthday.

I usually arrive first, but I never mind because for me it had always been a good place to read. It was probably good timing that Krissy lent me a few books she thought I might like. You don't need wifi to enjoy an afternoon there.


While I wait, I saw that they had something new in their menu. I love their Coffee Ice Blended. They boast to have been the first to invent the ice blended drink. As the first, they probably feel like they have a lot of expectations to live up to. So far, they always do. Each time, every order has been, "smooth, creamy and delicious."

I was really curious about their new Caramel Brownie, which was the newest addition to their menu.

The first taste made me just to roll over and sigh. Funnily, it was probably like drinking coffee and a brownie at the same time except they somehow found a way to blend the two flavors into one and the result is just perfect.

Caramel and Mocha Lattes in Cans
The next time I went back to CBTL though they opened that they don't have a supply of vanilla powder which is found almost in every drink. This meant we couldn't order most of our usual favorites. All hope was not lost though. They had canned latte available. I had the Caramel Latte and Krissy had the Mocha Latte.

It would be my first time trying them because I had always liked their Coffee Blended and tea selections. It seemed like a good time to try.

I like the overall packaging. I find it very chic, so I did feel curious and felt like trying them.

The only unfortunate thing about it was probably having too much ice. I could taste a little of the caramel and coffee but the ice diluted the taste a lot so it was difficult to figure out what to think of it. It's still not a bad drink to try. I might try something else next time.

Ice Blended: Matcha Green Tea
Sandra ordered their Ice Blended Matcha Green Tea. It is one of their coffee-free selections. I've only tried this once before on another occasion and I remember that I loved it. Like the Caramel Brownie, the texture is also smooth and creamy.

Maybe not a lot of people know this but there are a lot of health benefits in drinking Matcha Green Tea. So this treat is something healthy and it taste really good.

If I remember correctly, Match Green Tea detoxifies the body, fortifies the immune system and can be calming. I can't remember if it calmed me when I tried it, but I remember that I loved the flavor a lot.

If you aren't the type to really care about the health benefits, then try it for the taste because the taste is amazing. The taste of this tea is much subtler than other kinds I think. The best word I can use to describe it is that it is unique.


Triple Chocolate Mouse Cake
My sweet tooth attacks again. Krissy and I decided to try their Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake. Three layers of chocolate and a bit of cheesecake in the middle.

A lot of my friends seem to like this, so I've tried it a few times before as well. CBTL's cakes are always so moist and this was no different.

While this might not be my favorite cake, I have to admit that this is my favorite presentation-wise. The circular bumps on top are pretty amusing. It makes me wonder how they were made.

Blueberry Cheesecake
This is the reason why the Triple Chocolate Mousse cake isn't my favorite. It is because their Blueberry Cheesecake is my kryptonite.

When it comes to desserts, in most places I visit I would always try their blueberry cheesecake at least once if they have it.

The cheesecake is topped with sweet and delicious blueberries with a cookie crust base. The base is crunchy, the cheesecake is smooth and the blueberry just tops it all together as neatly as a bow.


Since the moment I learned how to read, reading a book was a sort of escape for me. My parents always said that I was the most at home with a book on lap at a quiet corner. In fact, the reason I always got lost at the mall as a child was because I was looking for a corner to read. It hasn't changed must though I am a lot older.

I can't really remember much about how I look for those corners as a kid though. I remember I would sit on the floor with my back against the bookshelf with a book in my hands. I was probably around six years old that time. That store has long been demolished and I don't really sit on the floor unless necessary anymore, but that doesn't mean I stopped looking for quiet, comfortable corners to read.

Coffee Bean Tea and Leaf isn't exactly a corner. If it is, it is certainly a big and expensive one but it is still one of my favorite escapes.


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