Coffee Bean Tea and Leaf: Afternoon Escape

Nora Roberts's "Reflections and Dreams"
w/ an order of their Coffee Ice Blended
Caramel Brownie
I have mentioned this before that many of my friends love Coffee Bean Tea and Leaf. My friends, such as Krissy and Sandra. I went to CBTL on two separate occasions. Once to meet Krissy before she left for Dumaguete and the next with Sandra because it was a few days after her birthday.

I usually arrive first, but I never mind because for me it had always been a good place to read. It was probably good timing that Krissy lent me a few books she thought I might like. You don't need wifi to enjoy an afternoon there.


While I wait, I saw that they had something new in their menu. I love their Coffee Ice Blended. They boast to have been the first to invent the ice blended drink. As the first, they probably feel like they have a lot of expectations to live up to. So far, they always do. Each time, every order has been, "smooth, creamy and delicious."

Beyond the Trailer: Walking on Sunshine (2014)

Power Plant Cinema Ticket:
Walking on Sunshine
I got a complimentary ticket from my mom that allows me to watch any film at the Power Plant Cinema. I was excited because it would be my first time watching a film there.

Being a fan of the musical genre, I decided to give this movie a shot. Reviews compared it to 'Mama Mia' and 'Pitch Perfect' and I had enjoyed those two movies a lot too. It promises some of then best songs from the 80's and the cast also included Leona Lewis whom I've always admired for her voice. I wasn't sure what she would like be as an actress, but I was interested.

I'm sure people would first be curious about what the movie is about.

Movie Poster
The story begins with Taylor who had went on a holiday in Puglia, Italy with her friend, Elena before she starts university. There, she falls in love with a local named, Raf. Unfortunately, their romance ended when Taylor returned to finish her university schooling.

Three years later, her sister surprises her by inviting her to Italy. There, she announced her intentions of getting married. Taylor was very much against the idea of marrying someone she had only known for five weeks, but the surprises didn't end there. Her sister's fiancé was none other than the love of her life, Raf.

The Coffee Bean Tea and Leaf: Writer's Paradise

Coffee Bean Tea and Leaf, Cagayan de Oro,
Limketkai Branch along Claro M. Recto Ave.
Even in Cagayan de Oro, I've been to "The Coffee Bean Tea and Leaf" several times with my friends. It doesn't matter whether I am in Manila or Cagayan de Oro, my friends unanimously love it. It should probably be a relief since I do as well and it is one of my favorite haunts when I want to reward myself. Because while I love visiting as many coffeehouses as I can find, this is probably the place my friends and I come back to the most.

I have several reasons to love this place especially. Both sentimental and non-sentimental reasons.

I always loved about it is how friendly it is to writers and is often considered a paradise for writers. I have mentioned this very often that when I write about the cafe I visit, ambiance is very important to me. I have to feel comfortable. Just being there helps stimulate the creativity and helps me write.

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