Cupcakes by Sonja: Lovely Sugar Rush

Red Velvet and Mint Chocolate Cupcakes

If you are looking for a sweet place to have a sugar rush, I suggest you try 'Cupcakes by Sonja'.

There are a lot of branches but the one I went to with my friends is at Serendra. One of the reasons why our host (my bestfriend) chose this place. 

  1. My sweet tooth
  2. The pretty and vintage concept
  3. The picture perfect interiors

Sweet Tooth

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Since it was their specialty, I ordered their Red Velvet and my friend ordered the Mint Chocolate. 
Blondie Bar
Despite the name, you can find other goodies aside from cupcakes. You can find cookies, brownies and blondie bars. 

We found the taste of everything we ordered very satisfying. We joked around a bit about the Mint Chocolate though. Alone, the mint icing tastes like toothpaste. Eaten with the chocolate though, it was surprisingly delicious. 

Cupcake Display
It isn't simply about the taste buds though, their cupcakes are also about being pleasing to the eyes.  Look at how the orders are plated atop a lovely doily. So pretty!

And the moment I saw their display, I wanted to buy everything they had. I loved the vibrant colors from behind the display case. 

I was like a kid and it took me a long while to decide what I wanted to try. Everything looked very tempting. 


Natural lighting and vintage-inspired plates.

I am not an architect or an interior designer, I do have a number of people in my facebook who are. Unfortunately, their knack for design didn't seem to rub off on me.

However, I can probably talk about what I know and how being in there makes me feel.

Framed vintage-looking
The walls were decorated with vintage-looking posters and plates against a red and white wall. The store used faint, yellowish lighting to make the store look like a Soda or Ice Cream Shop from the 1940's.

I don't think they sold ice cream though.

"This is Heaven" by
The Tuxedo Team
As a fan of movies from that era, I felt right at home. It is quite small, so itmight not be very  ideal for big meetings or gatherings. It is just perfect for an intimate get together with a small number of friends.

Trivia: My friend also told me that it is  also the same shop where the Tuxedo team did their Death Note photoshoot called, "This is Heaven". It is one of my favorites because of the silliness behind it. This is a whole fanfiction in one photo.

After my visit, I can sort of relate to how L (Miguel) and Misa (China) are probably feeling in the photo.


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