La Pomme: Homemade Kiddie Supermarket

Rockwell, Makati: La Pomme 
When I was in elementary school, I remember that I enjoyed sewing and knitting. Unfortunately, I didn't have much talent for it. That is why I love handmade products.

While walking around in Rockwell Mall the afternoon I arrived in Manila, my eye caught sight of a stall on the third floor that had what I thought at that time to be gigantic stuffed cupcakes.

As it turns out, they were gigantic stuffed cupcakes.

I'm an absolute sucker for colors, so I couldn't resist taking a look around. I was totally taken by the charming tiny world La Pomme made.

The La Pomme specializes in handmade decorative crafts for children. Their appeal is their bright colors and its overall attractiveness to the young and the young at heart.

The brand began in France back in 2007. They started selling online and in weekend markets in the South of France. However, it wasn't until last year that they began to open the brand in the Philippines.

Mini-cupcake Display
I was lucky to have a little chat with the creator herself, Apol Massebieau . I was surprised by how hands-on she is with her business. So hands-on in fact that while she had already began training other girls to help her sew she still does most of the sewing herself.
Supermarket Display

One of my favorite parts in the display is the Kiddie Supermarket. I love that they have a space for the little kids to play pretend. The baskets are small for adults, but delightfully right for little kids. You never have to worry about your kids breaking something in this supermarket.

They have fruits, pastries, sweets and juices in display. I was little amused by the lack of vegetables. I admit that as a kid, I never liked vegetables very much. The inner child in me is probably pleased.
BFF Picnic Basket 

If you or your child can't decide what to get, they also come in sets. These are just a few:

  • French Bread Basket - A set of assorted bread such as croissants, bagel and French bread. 
  • Breakfast Basket - Juice, jelly, jam and egg. 
  • BFF Picnic Basket - Two sets of juice, cupcake and utensils for your child to share with their bestfriend.

They don't only have products for children to enjoy. They had a display that I found incredibly lovely and probably meant for an older demographic. The products are more pastel and homey. A pretty French touch to decorate your home.

Dears and Potpourri 

They have them in the shape of apples, pears and my personal favorite, the pair of deers. They made only limited supply of those deers. She made a total of 11 of them and only 3 are left.

Some of them even come in lavender scented potpourri. This is meant to be therapeutic. The scent of lavender had been the brand's signature since its beginning.

Lavender is called, The Queen of all Herbs. It can be used to treat insomnia, anxiety and headaches and the lavender they use is from the South of France.

They have a stall that can be found on the third floor of Rockwell Center near the arcade. You will know it from the giant apples, cupcakes and mushrooms. Or choose the any of the contact information I have attached below.

Contact Information:

Apol & Pierre Massebieau 
Cellphone: (0063)919 9934795
Facebook: LaPommeHome
Instagram: @lapommehome


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