Hatch 22: Classic meets Modern

Hatch 22, Rockwell Mall Branch
I met my friend, Cielo in the Rockwell Mall, Hatch 22 Café and Bakery a few days ago. It would be our first meeting and I was nervous, though we've been friends now for a few years.

I am not the biggest fan of neutral colors, but when done right even I can think it is very beautiful. And that was exactly what my first impression was. There was the right balance of neutral and colors.

I do like the contrast of the vibrant chalk writing against the dark brown background. Without, it may not look as inviting. Their motif is: Classic meets the Now! 

The chalkboard is probably a nod to the classic and old school food joints but the rest of the design is very modern. On the glass wall, you can see what looks like a menu to give customers an idea of what they serve.

I've been to many restaurants, and ambiance is very important to me. People don't always just go to a restaurant to eat food, I think part of the enjoyment is the ambiance.

It reminds me of the high end café we see in Hollywood movies. On the inside, I loved that it gives both a modern and a tiny bit of rustic appeal. The decor is very classy and quite homey, which is lovely for relaxing. Not just for meeting friends, but also for having professional meetings.


White Chocolate Cake

I am a big fan of sweets. I guess that is obvious from the name of my blog.

We decided to each order two different things and get a taste from each other.

Cielo ordered their White Chocolate cake.

From the look of the presentation alone, it looks absolutely mouth-watering. The pink frosting really looks pretty with the white chocolate. Serving it on a polished wooden slate was a great touch too.

If presentation is not enough, it has a nice texture to it and very delicious, maybe just a little too sweet for my taste but definitely worth tasting.

Dark Chocolate Mousse
I had the Dark Chocolate Mousse and it is just heavenly. Like the White Chocolate Cake, it just screams 'Eat Me!'

I love the presentation and the idea of serving it on a clean, white porcelain plate. It really  brought out color of the rich chocolate, red cherries and white cream.

And the texture is just perfect. Your fork seems to simply slide down as you cut it. It isn't lumpy or hard and it didn't fall apart.

But the best thing about it is the taste. I can't say one bad thing about it. The chocolate is so rich and smooth. The taste just seems to burst in your mouth.


Hatch 22 House Blend Latté 
It is a known fact that the best thing to partner with cake is a good cup of coffee.  That was exactly what we did.

Cielo chose their House Blend Latté.

Those who have seen Green Hornet had probably seen Jay Chou's character, Kato make latté for Seth Rogan's character, the Green Hornet. If you look carefully, you'll notice the that his latté came with a leaf design.

This is latté art and it really takes practice to be able to make something this deceptively simple design.

As for the taste, I asked Cielo about it and she enjoyed it. She found it to be a well-balanced mix. The like that the flavors didn't overpower each other to make this lovely drink.

Hatch 22 Decaf
I had the decaf. 

Since it was decaf, I hadn't been expecting anything spectacular actually. 

Their decaf surprised me because I found it really delicious. It had a strong but sweet aroma that I liked. It is the same for the taste. For me, it was really a perfect blend of bitter and sweet. 

I had a lot to thank Hatch 22 for. 

Not only for their spectacular food and ambiance, but also for making my first meeting with Cielo an utter success! Majority of it may still be due to my marvelous company, but I am sure they played a big part too. 

I joke.

But it is the truth, that I highly recommend this place for coffee-goers and people with a sweet-tooth alike.  


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