Hatch 22: Classic meets Modern

Hatch 22, Rockwell Mall Branch
I met my friend, Cielo in the Rockwell Mall, Hatch 22 Café and Bakery a few days ago. It would be our first meeting and I was nervous, though we've been friends now for a few years.

I am not the biggest fan of neutral colors, but when done right even I can think it is very beautiful. And that was exactly what my first impression was. There was the right balance of neutral and colors.

I do like the contrast of the vibrant chalk writing against the dark brown background. Without, it may not look as inviting. Their motif is: Classic meets the Now! 

The chalkboard is probably a nod to the classic and old school food joints but the rest of the design is very modern. On the glass wall, you can see what looks like a menu to give customers an idea of what they serve.

I've been to many restaurants, and ambiance is very important to me. People don't always just go to a restaurant to eat food, I think part of the enjoyment is the ambiance.

La Pomme: Homemade Kiddie Supermarket

Rockwell, Makati: La Pomme 
When I was in elementary school, I remember that I enjoyed sewing and knitting. Unfortunately, I didn't have much talent for it. That is why I love handmade products.

While walking around in Rockwell Mall the afternoon I arrived in Manila, my eye caught sight of a stall on the third floor that had what I thought at that time to be gigantic stuffed cupcakes.

As it turns out, they were gigantic stuffed cupcakes.

I'm an absolute sucker for colors, so I couldn't resist taking a look around. I was totally taken by the charming tiny world La Pomme made.

The La Pomme specializes in handmade decorative crafts for children. Their appeal is their bright colors and its overall attractiveness to the young and the young at heart.

Sitting Down with Melissa (SHEawase)

Melissa Shows

SHEawase (SHEあわせ ) is a net idol group founded by Melissa Shows and Kristy Valdez back in October of 2006. They had began as a cosplay group called, “Happy!Project.” Along the way, they decided to change their name. The name name SHEawase came from the Japanese word for Happiness, “Shiawase” or “幸せ.” Also from the play of words, the SHE from the English pronoun for girls and ‘awase,’ which is also Japanese for ‘Together’ or ‘Joinings.’

The members are Melissa Shows, Tara Muchmore and Morgan Davis. Kristy Valdez graduated early April of this year. Later, she was replaced by Maxine Ortner.

This is not your typical net idol group. It isn’t because of the professional touch in their music videos or their beautifully tailored costumes. Though admittedly, they do help. I mean, you only need to look at them to see they put a lot of thought into their designs. It is difficult not to appreciate that.

Cupcakes by Sonja: Lovely Sugar Rush

Red Velvet and Mint Chocolate Cupcakes

If you are looking for a sweet place to have a sugar rush, I suggest you try 'Cupcakes by Sonja'.

There are a lot of branches but the one I went to with my friends is at Serendra. One of the reasons why our host (my bestfriend) chose this place. 

  1. My sweet tooth
  2. The pretty and vintage concept
  3. The picture perfect interiors

Seriously Cute: Going "Kawaii" in Manila

Kawaii Girl finalist, Atascha Mercado
Not a lot of people can probably understand why I am interested in the Kawaii Culture. I imagine that a lot of people may find it to be too sweet and childish. Not surprising because while this is considered a Global Phenomenon, it is still growing in the Philippines.

What is Kawaii?

By definition, in Japanese it means, "cute", "pretty" or "adorable". Over the years, the meaning became more than that and is now for some a way of life. 

According to Kawaii Manila, "It is not just an appreciation for the all the cute and pretty things anymore, but it is also about looking at the world in a happy and positive light."


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